Pictures today!

For some reason this post disappeared once already…

Anyway I was reading something about Dante and there were beautiful pictures of manuscripts of the Divine Comedy from the 1300s. I never thought about what they would have looked like. This one probably is a little fancier than most.

Don Simone Camaldolese 1300’s

Public domain.

Next two pictures from another earlier manuscript …

The Portal into Purgatory proper and the Gryphon!

Another illustration from the 1800’s

Joseph Anton Koch, 1821

And finally, Dante writing…

Jean-Jacques Feuchère, Dante Meditating on the “Divine Comedy”, 1843,

According to Aunt Margie’s husband, you are only supposed to look at three beautiful paintings a day so I’m over the limit.

One thought on “Pictures today!

  1. Awesomely beautiful. And someone painted the Dance of the Angels. Might be Fra Angelico? But these, I have never seen.


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