I write about Catholic Scientists. I began the work to help high schoolers who were being told that Catholics could not be scientists, that as students these high schoolers needed to ditch their faith. There are many scientists who were/are Christian and great scientists but I realized quickly that I had to limit myself in order to do the best I could. So I didn’t discuss Michael Faraday or Isaac Newton. Maybe I will here.

You can buy a book: 1000 Years of Catholic Scientists by Jane Meyerhofer from Mary Daly at Hedge School.

Click to access 06_Science_Content_1000_Yrs.pdf


I also wrote a novel. I call it Catholic fiction. Chapter Two is available from this blog. It contains elements of suspense, romance, childhood sickness, sisterly love, and faith. It is available on Amazon either as a Kindle book or as a paperback. I wasn’t quite technically savvy enough to make sure the two addresses were linked so I give them both to you below.

Kindle:   https://www.amazon.com/Marguerite-Little-Murder-Frances-DeChantal-ebook/dp/B01K2CCF8A

Paperback:  https://www.amazon.com/Marguerite-Little-Murder-Frances-DeChantal/dp/1537024361

I am currently writing another novel, this time about sheep and Iowa, and cults and romance. And a little spinning. There’s an excerpt on the blog,  Jessamyn and now, Jessamyn 2