Some eye candy for all those names!

[:de:User:Caro1409|Caro1409 Public domain but above is uploader. Gertrude and Andrew II of Hungary in a psalter. A. Savin, Wikimedia Commons Front door of Saint Elizabeth's Church. St Elizabeth of Thuringia (aka Elizabeth of Hungary) Church in Marburg, Hesse, Germany. Very Gothic but made of brick not stone. Saint Kinga of Poland. Bela IV's oldest [...]

Chaucer and the tides

Recently I came across a blog post discussing two geniuses from the 14th century, Guillame de Machaut and Nicole Oresme. Machaut was musical and lived from 1300 to 1377. Oresme (~ 1320 to 1382) was a priest, professor, and scientist (natural philosopher). The blogger says that he can’t think of any other genius from [...]